Selected Media Appearances

Selected Media Appearances

Our founder is frequently invited to explain various aspects of customs and international trade in the media.

Selected examples of newspaper articles as well as radio and TV interviews below.

Financial Times

“Can ‘trusted trader’ status crack Brexit backstop problem?”, 6 February 2019 – here

“How would a no-deal Brexit affect the UK economy?”, 3 March 2019 – here

“Why Johnson and Brussels are so far apart on Brexit”,  25 September 2019 – here

“Boris Johnson warns of return to Irish customs checks”, 1 October 2019 – here

“Britain languishes behind EU in battle for African trade”, 20 January 2020 – here

“Freeports plan for ‘left-behind’ regions divides opinion”, 10 February 2020 – here

“EU rules out replicating UK ‘light touch’ border after Brexit”,  12 June 2020 – here

“Food groups call for special rules in Brexit trade deal”, 17 June 2020 – here

The New York Times

“Getting Brexit Deal Over Finish Line Would Only Begin a Tortuous New Race”, 23 October 2019 – here

The Times

“Brexit tariffs plan is fanciful, experts warn Theresa May”, 13 August 2018 – here


“Brexit: Experts divided over Irish border plan”, 8 October 2019 – here

“Brexit: UK plans to keep post-transition trade with EU flowing”, 19 June 2020 – here


“‘Get Brexit Done’ Rings Hollow for Baffled British Businesses”, 6 November 2019 – here

“Johnson Faces Pressure from Business Over Post-Brexit Trade Deal”, 6 January 2020 – here

“U.K. Starts Research on Brexit Customs System Due in Four Months”, 28 August 2020 – here

The Guardian

“The ‘Irish Sea border’: what does it mean for GB business?”, 16 October 2019 – here

The Irish Times

“How would a no-deal Brexit affect the UK economy?”, 5 March 2019 – here


“Brexit: Japan tells UK to agree to trade terms in six weeks or face disruption”, 23 June 2020 – here


James O’Brien is Leading Britain’s Conversation – 23 September


World Global 17 December 2019

BBC World News, 2 October 2019

Good Morning Scotland, The Irish Border, 13 July 2019 – here

Good Morning Scotland, April 2019 – on customs unions

Radio 5 live – Wake Up to Money, 22 October 2019 – here 

Red Lines, Trading trouble, 25 Feb 2020 – here

Talk Radio

Matthew Wright talkRADIO show, 24 February 2020 – on freeports